Introduccion a los metadatos: estandares y aplicacion SEDIC
Unidad de autoformación



ADAM] Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway
[ ASGF] Australian Subject Gateways Forum
[AGLS] Australian Government Locator Service
[CERIF] Common European Research Information Format
[DC-Lib] Dublin Core Library Application Profile  
[DCMI] Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

[DCMES] Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (ISO 15836)

[DOI] Digital Object Identifier  
[EAD] Encoded Archival Description  
[EdNA] Educational Network Australia  
[FGDC] Federal Geographic Data Committee  
[FRBR] Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records  
[GEM] Gateway to Educational Materials  
[GILS] Global Information Locator Service  
[ICPSR] Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research  
[IEEE/LOM] Learning Object Metadata  

[MARC] Standards Website

[MARC-ES] MARC en español
[METS] Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard  
[MOA] Making Of America  
[MODS] Metadata Object Description Schema  
[NDLTD] Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations  
[NZGLS] New Zealand Government Locator Service  
[OAI] Open Archives Initiative  
[OMNI] UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Health and Medicine  
[ONIX] Online Information eXchange  
[PADI] Preserving Access to Digital Information  
[RDF] Resource Description Framework  
[RDFS] RDF Schema: RDF Vocabulary Description Language  

[RSS] Really Simple Syndication Rich/RDF Site Summary  
[SGML] Standard Generalized Mark-up Language

[SVG] Scalable Vector Graphics

[SW] Semantic Web (W3C)  
[TEI] Text Encoding Initiative  
[ViDe] Video Development Initiative (DC application profile)  
[VRA] Virtual Resources Association Core Categories  
[W3C] World-Wide Web Consortium  
[XML] eXtensible Markup Language  
[XMP] eXtensible Metadata Platform (Adobe)  
[Z39.50] Information Retrieval (Z39.50): Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification (ISO23950)  
[ZING] Z39.50 International Next Generation  


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Autorizada la reproducción citando la fuente: Eva Méndez y José A. Senso. Unidad de Autoformación. SEDIC 2004