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SEDIC. Redesigning what we are to renew what we do

Spanish Society for Scientific Documentation and Information (SEDIC) is the leading Spanish association for professionals in the areas of libraries, information management and archives.


SEDIC is the biggest professional association in Spain for everyone who specializes in information management (archivists, librarians, content managers, bibliometrics specialists, content curators, data analysts and other related professions). Here you will find a collaborative environment focused on learning for everyone, no matter which sector you specialize in.


Our mission is promote and empower professionals to be able to create synergies with society and thus contribute to its wellbeing by creating value.

Since it was created in 1975, SEDIC has taken the lead representing information and documentation professionals: archivists, librarians, content managers, information managers, bibliometrics specialists, content curators and other professions in the field of information management.

Being the largest group of professionals specialized in information management has enabled SEDIC to create a collaborative environment that goes beyond a professional association, with an open vision about a field that is constantly evolving and that is enriched by many different profiles with different needs and interests, and with a wide variety of careers paths and professioanl experiences.

In no small measure, our leadership position is supported by our high quality program of specialized training, which also includes free courses, special courses for public sector jobs in libraries and archives, and custom-made courses for businesses and all types of information management professionals (archivsts, librarians, information managers and also many of the new professional profiles that have already been established in our field, like bibliometrics specialists, content curators, data scientists or analysts, or digital archive experts, among others). Our training program is highly innovative: each year we offer at least 10 totally new courses. SEDIC offers the top training in RDA cataloguing, MARC21 or ISBD format cataloguing, document management with Alfresco and archive management with ATOM. We have also offered spacialized training about intellectual property, content marketing, semantic web or biobank management, document digitization, bibliography management programs, Open Refine or Bibliometry, as well as more classic, but equally important knowledge like paleography or antique books.

Another of our main strategic lines is the promotion of employment in libraries, archives and other information points, through exclusive job offers for our associates. Last but certainly not least, we offer many services and activities for our associates and other professionals, such as field trips to interesting archives or libraries, conferences, events, networking, our new mentoring program, and a variety of scientific, professional and other publications such as our CLIP magazine or a series of professional documents.


Our vision is to generate an organisational environment that is innovative, efficient, adaptable, sustainable and focused on the challenges of our profession. We are oriented along these 6 principles:

  1. Transversality
  2. Balance
  3. Identity and diversity
  4. Creativity
  5. History and innovation
  6. Connecting professionals


Our values and ethical principles are the cornerstone of everything we do:

• Commitment
• Goal orientation
• Professionalism
• Innovation
• Team spirit
• Participation